It has come to the attention of the Institute that there is in circulation on some platforms,
what is purported to be the HR Bill which has been approved by the Parliament of

IHRMP Ghana wishes to inform its cherished Members and the general public that all
such copies of the HR Bill in circulation currently are old copies which were submitted to
Parliament at one time or the other during the process, and to which a number of
amendments have been effected to improve the document before it was passed by
Parliament on June 4, 2020.

Please note that the process of getting the Bill into an Act is not completed. We are
expecting the approved Bill to be submitted to the President of the Republic of Ghana to
assent to what Parliament has done.

When the process is completed with the Act posted in the Gazette, the Institute will duly
inform Members and the general public.
On this note, the Institute acknowledges the great interest shown by stakeholders and
members in the progress of getting a charter status for the Institute through the passage
of the Act.

We hereby advise that until the Institute releases a formal notice on the passage of the
IHRMP Act, all copies in circulation currently should be disregarded for the reasons
espoused above, and Members are to desist from making any reference to any such

IHRMP Ghana takes this time to highlight the importance for all its Members and the
general public to follow the MOH’s laid-down protocols to combat the pandemic. Let’s
continue to:

  • Wear FDA-approved nose masks when going out and when among other people
  • Wash hands with soap under clean running water
  • Sanitize with alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Ensure social/physical distancing of at least 1 meter from others

God bless the Institute and our homeland, Ghana


Corporate Affairs, IHRMP Ghana