A private Human Resource Management Consultant, and Vice President of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP), Ghana, Mr. Leonard Quarcoopome, has urged Human Resource practitioners to take a critical review of their respective employee performance management systems.

The HR Consultant pointed out that in modern organizations, performance management systems are designed on the basis of four key concepts namely Key Result Area (KRAs), Targets (performance standards), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs – performance measures, which is usually embedded in the target), and Competencies. A clear understanding of these concepts by all, he added, is extremely important when establishing or designing Performance Management System for any organization.

He pointed out some challenges of the traditional performance appraisal system as being the tendency for resistance by appraisees, the application of universal traits for all positions or jobs which does not allow for fair measurement of performance, year-after-year application of the same universal traits, lack of common understanding of traits or attributes and the average ratings tendency.

performance management

In response to a participant’s question on the way out of the traditional performance appraisal problems and in a quest to increase value and reduce burden through performance management system, Mr. Quarcoopome said:

‘’If managers are really concerned about the problems posed by the traditional performance appraisal systems, then the task before managers of organizations is clear – managers must devise a new approach to performance management; an approach which minimises the problems of the traditional performance appraisal, motivates employees to put forth maximum effort and helps to provide objective performance feedback to employees.’’

Mr. Quarcoopome made these pronouncements during interaction with participants in a two-day training programme organized by IHRMP in Accra, under the theme, ‘’Designing and Implementing a Performance Management System.’’

Pix 2: Mr. Leonard Quarcoopome (seated fifth from right) in a group picture with participants

The training programme was patronised by 40 participants composed of seasoned HR Managers from various sectors including mining, banking, hotels, hospitals, universities, security and some insurance companies.