On this significant occasion of the celebration of the 25th Annual General Meeting of your Institute it gives me great pleasure to extend to you warm fraternal greetings, congratulations and best wishes from the National Governing Council and indeed the entire membership of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP), Ghana.

We are indeed gratified by your recognition and expression of interest in us as manifest in your invitation that avail us the opportunity to be part of this historic Silver Jubilee Annual General Meeting. Please be assured of our commitment of the highest esteem to building bonds of solidarity between our two Institutes.

The theme of your 25th Annual General Meeting: “Deriving value from values: a test for corporate governance” is of great interest to us and we wholly associate ourselves with it. The theme is apt and could not have come at a better time than now that the Ghanaian populace has adverted its mind to corporate governance following the unfortunate recent happenings in the financial sector of our country.

Touching on the value or importance of corporate governance for emerging market countries for example, the World Bank 2010 Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC) – Corporate Governance Country Assessment on Ghana pointed out that – ‘’Good corporate governance reduces emerging markets vulnerability to financial crises, reinforces property rights, reduces transaction cost and the costs of capital and leads to capital market development.’’ Further to this and in its recommendations as part of the assessment, again, the World Bank in part points out that ‘’Ghana has undertaken important reforms in recent years. However, fully tapping the potential of capital markets and professionalizing boards and management will require that reform continues.’’

Indeed for a Ghanaian context characterised by regular lateness to work and functions, pilfering, lack or paralyzed duty of care, disregard for procedures and authority, social media craze coupled with wilful blindness, to mention but a few, surely cannot pass without the blame game against governments. However, it is pertinent to note that the role of government, important as it is, will not yield much if the complementary value-instilling roles of its constituents including Professional Bodies such as the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana and the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners, Ghana, which regularly churn out professionals, remain or are seen to be absent from the equation.

It is against this background that I deem your 25th AGM as an occasion such as an enviable opportunity for us as Professionals to congregate, re-visit, revert and ultimately integrate into our performance management systems the cherished time-tested values and ethical codes of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and enhanced due diligence among others.

To this end, while wishing all present at this 25th commemoration AGM a fruitful and rewarding AGM, I renew the expression of friendship and goodwill of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners, Ghana.

Long Live IHRMP!

Long Live IPR!!

Long Live IHRMP-IPR Solidarity!!!