Dear Student Members:

Kindly note the following regarding the 2022 July Examination

1. July Examination Registration begins on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

(a) Regular Exam Registration: May 21 – June 4, 2022

Exam Fee per Paper

Level 1: GHS 135.00

Level 2: GHS 145.00

Level 3: GHS 165.00

Student Subscription: GHS100.00.

(b) Late Exam Registration: June 6 –13, 2022

Exam Fee per Paper

Level 1: GHS 203.00

Level 2: GHS 218.00

Level 3: GHS 248.00

Student Subscription: GHS100.00.

(NB: Students should verify at their Tuition Centres if they are in good standing before making payment of subscription fees)

2. All payments including outstanding fees should be made into the Institute’s Fidelity Bank Account No. 1050017376518 or Standard Chartered Bank Account No. 0100100589100 and send a scanned pay-in-slip with the filled exam registration form to:

3. Alternative Payment:

Alternatively, payments may be done through the Institute’s Momo Line:

Step 1: Send payment to 0546112127

Step 2: Use Your Index number (eg CIHRM 600/21) as a Reference

Step 3: Send screenshot of payment and Filled Exam Registration Form


Step 4: Insist on receiving a receipt for your payment

4. Other Regions

Students from other regions should kindly contact their respective Learning Partners for registration and payments.

5. NB: Students’ ID cards are mandatory at all examination centres

6. July 2022 Examination Timetable.

Please follow the link below for an Exam Timetable

7. Examination Registration Form
Please follow the link below for an Examination Registration Form

NB: Students are required to FILL Examination Registration forms and PAY Exam Registration fees during the exam registration period.

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