Corporate Membership


The following IHRMP Corporate Membership categories and annual subscription(s) have been approved by National Governing Council for immediate implementation.

Annual Turnover Category Annual Subscription as agreed at NGC Meeting on 30/06/13
GHs 5,000,000.00 ≤ above A GHs1000.00
GHs90,000.00 < GHs5,000,000.00 B GHs750.00
Below ≤GHs90,000.00 C GHs500.00

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships and involvement are critical to the success and development of the institute but equally very beneficial to your organization.

We list below some of the benefits likely to inure to your organization once you join IHRMP as a Corporate Member. IHRMP shall or may, as appropriate:

  • Engage your company in Consultancy projects
  • Offer Special Membership rates for your employees to the Institute’s events and continuous learning programmes
  • Provide Networking opportunities with other HR professionals and organizations for your employees
  • Include your company on the Annual exclusive listing in the IHRMP Corporate Membership List in the print media and on our website.
  • Grant your company Direct Access to the Institute’s Resource Bank and HR Solutions Centre at a discount.
  • Grant your company access to set professional standards to guide the conduct of HR practices in your operations.
  • Provide your company the opportunity to associate with a reputable HR Professional Body; thus providing support and credibility to your organization’s people policies.
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