The Highest and most coveted ranking among the categories of CIHRM Membership.


The pacesetting profession

A fellow status is an attestation to one’s proven strategic abilities, personnel management expertise and contribution to the practice of HR in Ghana. It is also a strong commitment to continual contribution to the development of HR practice.

As a fellow, you are recognized as an expert in your profession,  and more importantly a key player in the development of HR. You are held in high esteem as one who is continually advancing personnel management strategy as an important force, and making evident its value at the work place.

Being a fellow with CIHRM affords you a reputation among HR practitioners, and also provides a platform where you influence change, contribute to policy development as well as an opportunity to broaden your engagement in the HR space.

A person may be qualified to be enrolled as a Fellow of the Institute if that person
  1. Has acquired at least ten (10) years practical experience in human resource management practice and development;
  2. Has submitted a publication to the Council in accordance with the qualifying criteria determined by the Council;
  3. Has made significant contribution towards the improvement of the status of the Institute and human resource management;
  4. is in good standing;
  5. satisfies any other criteria determined by the Council.

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