A Brief History of the Institute

A Journey of Great Accomplishment

The Institute was established in 1978 as the Ghana Institute of Personnel Management and registered as a professional body in 1981.The registration number was PB 15. The professional body became dormant for a number of years but got rejuvenated in 1993. The first meeting towards rejuvenation was held at the Arts Centre in Accra. The second meeting was held at the British Council auditorium in Accra. It was at the second meeting that national executives,headed by Prof. T. B. Wereko were elected. The other elected members were Mr. J.E.K. Moses, Vice President, Mr. John Imbroh, Executive Secretary, Mrs. Mary Benneh-then with the Bank of Ghana and Mrs. Agnes Akuffo (deceased) then with GIMPA.

The office location of the Institute was then moved to GIMPA where Prof. T. B. Wereko was then the Director-General. GIMPA provided the office space and other facilities to assist the rejuvenated Institute. Mr. John Imbroh -Executive Secretary-who had to leave to take up a new appointment in Kumasi with Guinness Ghana Ltd in Kumasi was replaced by Mr. Afedzi as the Acting Executive Secretary.

The mission of the Institute at the time of inception was “The development of effective and sound personnel management and human resource development practices in the country”.

These were later modified to seek to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Formulate professional standards to guide the conduct and performance of HR professionals in the country.
  • Provide a forum for regular interactions among HR professionals.
  • Provide a forum for continuing education for HR practitioners.
  • Provide opportunity and environment for individuals who aspire to become practitioners to acquire professional training in order to add value to their organizations.


The Institute after its formation in 1981 became dormant until 1995 when it was re-launched.
The Institute’s aims and objectives were expanded to cover the following:

  • To encourage and assist in the development of professional human resource management practice in Ghana.
  • To establish and maintain a central forum for persons concerned with and/or interested in Human Resource Management in Ghana.
  • To spread knowledge and information about human resource development and management principles, techniques, and practices which will encourage the development of better human relationships within establishments.
  • To formulate standards of professional performance and conduct and to encourage appropriate professional attitudes of its members.
  • To encourage investigation and research in the field of human resource development and management and related social sciences.
  • To assist in formulating industrial relations policies and laws in the country.
  • To present a national viewpoint on human resource management issues and to establish and develop links with other bodies both national and international concerned with human resource management.
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